Thar She Blows!

While in Hawaii we did a snorkeling and site-seeing excursion up the Na Pali coast on a catamaran called the Lucky Lady. What fun! As we pulled away from the pier, we saw a humpback whale leap out of the water - a full breach. That's a spectacular sight. One of the crewmen on the Lucky Lady told me, "I hope the rest of the trip isn't anticlimactic." He needn't have worried. We saw all kinds of marine life, and every one was a thrill. Here are a few snapshots of sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and even a whale slapping its fin:

While snorkeling, we saw a ton of fish, most of which I don't know the names of. But I did recognize a good-size angelfish, and a bunch of blue and yellow fish, and a lot of multi-colored fish. I swam through a huge school at one point, and had two turtles within touching distance!

During the ride back to port we enjoyed the amazing weather. Seems like everyone else stayed in their seats (a few were seasick) but Bob, Ted, Patti and I hung out on the bow, where we could feel the sun and wind on our faces. 

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