Have I Mentioned the Garden Island?

How could you visit the Garden Island of Kauai and not see a botanical garden? We selected the Allerton Botanical Garden, and were not disappointed.

Our guide, Martin, was from Brazil originally, but he was so knowledgeable, and the gardens were stunning.

There were many Italian-style statues and fountains in the gardens, which were designed by Queen Emma. Martin told us of one legend concerning this statue of a mermaid. If you rub the mermaid's, uh, posterior, you will return to Kauai. He said legend had it one tourist loved the island so much he kissed the statue in the appropriate place, and within six months he was living on Kauai! We all took a turn rubbing. (Nobody opted to move there!)

 Here's a really cool thing about the Allerton Botanical Gardens. Part of Jurassic Park was filmed there! Remember the scene where the two kids and the man find dinosaur eggs in the roots of a giant tree? We stood in the same place! I found what MIGHT be a dinosaur egg. You never know!

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