First Views of Kauai

I'm sure everyone who visits Hawaii has the same reaction - the views are incredible! Lush foliage, tropical vistas, gorgeous beaches. Yeah, okay, I'm the same. Oh my! I fell in love immediately with the island of Kauai.

We flew from Oahu to Kauai on Saturday evening after visiting Pearl Harbor. It was dark when we checked into our resort, but the next morning we went to the front desk to get oriented and were welcomed with a proper "Aloha!" and a lei.

Then we went out to explore the island. Kauai is known as the Garden Island, and we immediately saw why. It's impossible to drive down the street without exclaiming, "Stop the car! I need a picture of that!"

And how can you drive by a beach without stopping to walk on the sand and splash in the surf?

Our very first day on Kauai, and already we knew we'd arrived in Paradise.


  1. Kauai is my favourite Island in Hawaii. I only did a day trip but it left me wanting more (except the trip back from the airport which was delayed and a few other issues). Its so beautiful.


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