Training Update - Running with Pain

As of today, I have 13 days left before the Disney Princess 5k on February 23rd. Things aren't looking so good.

Well, okay. I have an awesome tutu - that looks good. I can't wait to show you the shirt our girls' group is creating. That looks terrific. I have a pair of New Balance 990's, the special Breast Cancer Awareness style, and they look great. But my training... not so good.

Five days ago I went for a run in my neighborhood and two miles into the run I pulled a muscle in my thigh. OUCH! Had to limp home, and have been babying the muscle ever since. This is my right leg, the same one that had ankle surgery in July.

This morning I walked for a mile, and while it didn't exactly hurt, it also didn't feel 100%. Tomorrow I'm going to do another 5k and see how the muscle does.

Time Since Ankle Surgery: 7 months
Time to Beat: 16 Minutes per Mile
Target Time: 12 Minutes per Mile
Current Time: 14 Minutes per Mile
Confidence Level: Moderately Low