I'm here! I flew in to Orlando this afternoon, 3 days before the big race, so I can get acclimated. Okay, that isn't strictly true. I'm here to have FUN! But a few days to get acclimated isn't a bad idea, is it?

I'm the first of our group to arrive. We have ten ladies in total, coming from Utah, Indiana, and Kentucky. We've all been training. Got our running shorts, our running shoes, our matching shirts, our tutus, and our tiaras. We're all set!

This evening I had several hours alone before the others arrive, and I was faced with a delimma -- do I go out to eat, or do I get a little exercise in? Believe it or not (and my husband won't), I went for a 3-mile run! My average pace was 13 min 22 seconds per mile. WOO HOO! I think I sweated off a couple of pounds, even though the sun had already set. Man, it's HUMID down here. Since I lived in Orlando for 8 years, you'd think I would remember that. And I do, but I never ran before. Saturday's race will be a challenge.

Time Since Ankle Surgery: 7 months 10 days
Time to Princess 5k: 3 days (!)
Time to Beat: 16 minutes per mile
Target Time: 14 Minutes per Mile
Current Pace: 13 min 22 Sec per mile
Confidence Level: HIGH!!!!