Who's YOUR Cowboy at Heart?

We're currently in the last few weeks before the official release of the third and final installment in the Amish of Apple Grove series, A Cowboy at Heart. To help celebrate, our publisher is giving away a Kindle Fire, along with copies of the books by me and Lori Copeland. Click here for details on entering.

Robin N. has high hopes for her Cowboy at Heart! Thank you, Robin.

“Cowboys are loyal, brave, kind, true, and hard-working. My ideal cowboy would be an amalgamation of men who have been a part of my life, from school yard crushes to the uncles, brothers, and honorable men who were college professors. He would be handsome, like the boyfriends of the past. He would be brave and protective like my brothers. He would be loyal, kind, and sweet like my two favorite uncles. He would be intelligent, gentle, and helpful like the wise men who were my college professors. He would be a gentleman, fun loving, and knowledgeable like my three sons. He would have a get-things-done mentality, be kind to animals, be clean, reverent, sweep me off my feet, and make me want to ride off into the sunset with him. He would make me strive to be a woman worthy of him.”

Who’s YOUR Cowboy at Heart? Please share your story for a chance to win a Kindle Fire and copies of our books.