Running With a Tutu!

Take a look! Here I am in my tutu, ready for the Disney Princess 5k on February 23. Well, okay, not quite ready, but I'm getting there. Okay, I admit that I did not run in the tutu today. I tried it on, and I think it looked okay. (It hides the hips!!!) But when it came time to walk out the door, I couldn't do it. Maybe if I had some of my Princess buddies with me... Or maybe I need to wait until later in the week when my husband is with me. Yeah, that's it! He can go with me to the gym when I wear my tutu!
Take a look at my time today.  Yep - Back down to 12 minutes, 45 seconds per mile, for a full 5k run. A full minute per mile faster than my outside time this weekend. Why? I'm scratching my head over that one. I don't want to believe that the measurements of my gym's running track aren't exactly right. I mean, that's what I've trained to! It's possible that RunKeeper isn't quite right... hmmm.

Here's my countdown to the Disney Princess 5K:

Time Since Ankle Surgery: 6 Months 3 Weeks
Time to Beat: 16 Minutes per Mile
Current Pace: 12 Minutes 45 seconds per Mile
Target Pace: 12 Minutes per Mile
Countdown to Race: 18 Days (GASP!!!!)
Confidence Level: Fairly High