Training Update 12-6-12

My training to prepare for the Disney Royal Family 5k continues! While I was on the cruise I actually accomplished a first for me -- I completed a 5k! Yep, right there on the deck of the cruise ship. Holland America sponsors a Susan G Komen benefit 5k with every long voyage, and invite cruisers to participate. I admit I was a bit intimidated, but I signed up - and I did it! My time was just over 15 minutes per mile, which isn't too bad since it's only been 4 months since my ankle surgery. Man, was I WHIPPED! I sat around for a couple of days with my ankle in ice water, but that's okay.
My "training" has been a little haphazard since then, I admit. I've done some walking and some swimming, but not consistently. This morning, however, I decided to see if I could do it again, and maybe even improve on my time a bit. I completed 3.25 miles in 47.37 minutes, which is an average of 14.39 minutes per mile! Mostly I'm maintaining a fast walk, because I've never been a runner, and because running puts more stress on my ankle. But every so often I do break into a run for half a block or so.
I have proved one thing to myself: I can do it! I will finish the entire 5k within the official time limit, and I will NOT be picked up by the Shuttle of Shame. My goal iis to be able to do it and still have an abundance of energy left so I can enjoy myself at Epcot the rest of the day. (Though I might have to take an ankle-icing break or two.)
Countdown to Disney: 78 days!