Website Mystery Challenge - Post #6

The clues are coming to an end soon. Today we follow Detective Collins as he begins his investigation. You may already have a suspect in mind. Let's see if you and Detective Collins agree! (Remember to check the Website Mystery Challenge link in the right column of this page to review the previous clues and the cryptogram translations.)

Detective Collins carefully interrogates each suspect. In further discussion with Raul, he discovers that Maryanne has recently been interviewing new cooks. Why, when she had Mrs. Butler, who was paid to be her cook for the rest of her life? Then he discovers an extremely interesting fact: Maryanne has been secretly seeing a sexy young man with a reputation for being a gold digger. Her credit card receipts lead him to a recent receipt for a flight for two to Las Vegas. It looks like they were planning to elope. Though Sandra’s trust fund is secure, she is in danger of losing the family estate and all physical assets. While Collins is talking on his cell phone, he sees a glimpse of someone eavesdropping.

Cryptogram Clue (4 words): 6- 30- 24- 24- 18- 28- 38_____ 38- 10- 10- 38_____ 26- 36- 38_____ 4- 42- 40- 24- 10- 36.

Cryptogram Key: n = 28, u = 42