Website Mystery Challenge - Post #7

We've come to the final clue in our Website Mystery Challenge! Detective Collins is hot on the trail of the killer. Have you followed the trail and figured out the identify of the killer? Here's one last chance to add an important clue to your list.

Collins assesses al the clues, and lays them all out. Sandra had a motive: she stood to lose the family estate if her stepmother remarried. Brent had a motive: he wants to hide his suspicious past. Mrs. Butler had a motive: she was in danger of losing her job, as well as having her secret past revealed. Raul had no motive, but he had opportunity: the person who finds a victim is always suspect. And why is he a pool boy when he knows nothing about pools?

But Detective Collins looks beyond the physical motives. Maryanne’s death was the result of strong emotions. He decided the killer was…


Cryptogram Clue (6 words): 40- 16- 10_____ 26- 30- 40- 18- 44- 10_____ 46 2- 38_____ 2_____ 12- 2- 26- 18- 24- 49_____ 26- 2- 40- 40- 10- 36.

Cryptogram Key: f=12, b=4

Have you figured it out? Visit the Reader Fun page of this site and fill in the comment box at the bottom of the page. The cryptogram and the solution to the crime will be revealed on April 22, 2011. Check back here to find out Who Dun It!!!