Website Mystery Challenge - Post #4

Here's the next installment in my Website Mystery Challenge. To review the previous clues, click the "Website Mystery Challenge" link in the right-hand column of this page.

Suspect Number Three:

Brent Bollinger has recently taken up occupancy in one of the estate’s guest rooms, at Maryanne’s invitation. His role is obvious – Maryanne was taken with the handsome young man, and enjoyed having him escort her to the various social events she frequented in Phoenix society. Where did he come from, and what exactly was the nature of his relationship with the victim?

Detective Collins uncovers Brent’s criminal record. He was caught in an attempted robbery five years ago, and was recently released from prison. He came to his sister, Maryanne, in hopes of getting a clean start, but she didn’t receive him kindly.

Cryptogram Clue (6 words): 4- 36- 10- 28- 40_____ 18- 38_____ 18- 28_____ 24- 30- 44- 10_____46- 18- 40- 16_____ 38- 2- 28- 8- 36- 2

Cryptogram Key: r = 36, h = 16