Website Mystery Challenge - Post #3

Here's the next clue in my Mystery Website. If you've missed previous clues, just click on the Website Mystery Challenge link in the right-hand column of this page.

Suspect Number Two:

Mrs. Butler has ruled Wolverton family’s kitchen for almost three decades, since she was twenty-three. Time has not improved her cooking skills, but Mr. Wolverton’s will ensured that she would have the job for the rest of her life – or until his family fortune ran out, whichever came first. She couldn’t stand the ‘extravagant hussy’ who snared poor Mr. Wolverton into an ill-fated marriage, and she doesn’t mind saying so. As far as she is concerned, Maryanne got what was coming to her, and none too soon, either.

Cryptogram Clue (5 words): 26- 36- 28_____ 4- 42- 40- 24- 10- 36_____ 18- 38_____ 38- 2- 28- 8- 36- 2- 38_____ 26- 30- 40- 16- 10- 36

Cryptogram Key: o = 30, t = 40