Olive Trees in Psalm 52

But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever. (Psalm 52:8, NIV)

Trees don't flourish in my house. Even simple house plants dehydrate and die from lack of care. I'm a lousy plant caretaker.

I'm so glad God is much more attentive than I. A flourishing olive tree in His house is healthy, its leaves green and its branches sturdy. It is nourished through roots that plunge deep into rich soil full of life-giving nutrients. It is refreshed by a constant supply of living water.

Why does God have olive trees in his house? Because He loves them! He likes taking care of them. He enjoys watching them grow and flourish. He especially likes it when others are blessed by His olive trees. A tree that is tall and strong and leafy provides shade and shelter to those who are suffering from life's scorching heat. It provides food for those who are hungry. It provides the oil of joy for those who have none. It provides encourgement to those whose fruit has not started to bloom yet.

Thank you, Lord, for making me like an olive tree in Your house. Let me grow strong so I will bless You and others you send to shelter beneath my branches.