Alaska and Then Some

Have you ever known someone who did something really cool? I met two guys last night who fall into that category. Peter and Sebastian, father and son, left New York in May for a 13,000-mile motorcycle ride to Alaska. These guys weren't just riding to Alaska, though. They embarked on the journey of a lifetime that would take them through 37 states and many parts of Canada, and give them incredible experiences along the way. They've seen some awesome sights, had a few unexpected and not-entirely-pleasant sidetracks, and in the process they've accomplished something truly awesome - they've lived life from the back of a motorcycle. You've heard the saying, "Life is a journey, not a destination." These guys have truly enjoyed life to its fullest on this journey.

Ted has been following their blog for several months, and giving me updates on their progress. Though they did plan extra time for mechanical problems, they certainly didn't expect to have to rebuild Sebastian's engine. Motorcyclists help each other, though. A rider in Seattle gave Seb a new engine! Cool, huh?

Seb and Peter came through Salt Lake City and we hosted them for the night. We enjoyed talking over dinner, and over a leisurely breakfast. They were quite impressed with Ted's collection, especially his silver 1100F. Then Ted took off with them to give them the scenic tour of some of his favorite mountain rides.

Best wishes to Seb and Peter for a safe journey from here on out. If you want to follow their exploits, they've kept a blog along the way. You'll find it here.