UNFILTERED at Quad-Cities Christian Writers Conference

Every so often, I forget myself and say something in public that draws attention. Like the other day, for instance. I went into a restaurant in which I intend to set a scene in my latest book. I studied the furnishings and decorations and the placement of the kitchen and serving areas. No doubt my behavior did look a little curious. One of the servers approached and asked if he could help me with something. I spoke without thinking as I continued to scan the room, "No, that's okay. I was just looking for a good place to stash drugs." You should have seen the look that kid gave me!

For a writer, there's nothing quite like spending time with other writers. We 'get' each other. When speaking with our fellow writers, we can cast off all the "filters" we normally keep firmly in place and speak freely, knowing that those around us speak the same language. If someone asks, "So, does anyone know of an odorless poison that can be baked into blueberry muffins?" there will be no scandalized glances. Instead, what follows will probably be a lively recipe exchange.

That's just one reason why I'm so excited to attend the Quad-Cities Christian Writers Conference this weekend! I'll be teaching a continuing class on novel writing, and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of writers for two full days of talking about writing! (I might even find someone with some great recipes!)

If you're anywhere near Eldridge, Iowa, I hope you'll consider joining us. Writers can be a really weird group of people. I'm sure you'll fit right in!

Check out the conference website here. If you're on Facebook, click over to the QCCWC page here.