Sworn to Protect

Sworn to Protect

By DiAnn Mills

Border patrol agent Danika Morales still struggles to recover from the death of her husband two years before. Alex, a handsome emergency room doctor, seems like just the person to help her heal move forward with life. But then Danika discovers that a contract has been put out on her life by the people who smuggle undocumented immigrants across the border – the very people who murdered her husband. Though she can hardly believe it, the evidence begins to reveal that the people responsible are insiders, closer to her than she ever suspected.

In DiAnn Mills’ latest book, she uses all her considerable writing skills to spin a tale that is riveting, compelling, and full of vivid details. I was fascinated by her in-depth look at the lifestyle of those who protect our southern border. Danika is a terrific heroine, and I was immediately drawn to her. I rooted for her to heal from her emotional wounds, and for her to find happiness. (Of course I was pulling for that happiness to be with Alex!) The plot of this story is intricate and satisfying suspenseful, with lots of tendrils that wind into unexpected areas and twist around different characters. DiAnn played with my emotions and my loyalties, and I loved every minute of it! Don't miss this terrific romantic suspense novel by one of Christian fiction's most talented authors.

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