TTAC - Interview Q&A Part 3

Today I'm answering the last three interview questions included in the press kit created by my publicist, Kathy Carlton Willis Communications, to help promote my latest book, Third Time's a Charm. If you missed the questions in Part 1 or Part 2, you'll find them here.


7. When the book opens, Tori believes that displays of faith have no place in a professional environment. As the story unfolds, she changes her mind. How do you think our faith influences our presence in the workplace?

That can be tricky in some professional environments. But to me, my faith is such an integral part of who I am, that it goes with me everywhere. I don’t need a slogan on a T-shirt to proclaim that I’m a Christian. That is obvious in every interaction I have, in the way I treat people and love people, and in the Lord’s peace radiating through me.

In Third Time’s a Charm, Tori goes into the office of one of the executives and sees a framed Bible verse on his desk. But when she sees that, she realizes she isn’t surprised to find that he’s a Christian. If anything, that framed verse confirms what she has already sensed in seeing him interact with others with kindness and integrity.

Trust me, in some business environments, kindness and integrity are easy to spot because they’re not the norm.

8. You’ve signed contracts for twelve books in just four years. How do you come up with so many different book ideas? Your bio talks about how much fun you have with book research. Tell us about some of your trips.

There is only one Source for good ideas, and it’s not me. When it’s time to propose a new story idea, I pray about it, and the Lord gives me ideas. Sometimes the idea will be based on something in my own life, like my relationship with my sisters as the inspiration for the Sister-to-Sister Series. Sometimes a character’s conflict will come directly from my own experience – such as Tori’s professional struggles in Third Time’s a Charm.

And sometimes it’s a fun idea blended with personal experience. For instance, I have a book being released in May called A Daughter’s Legacy. It’s a romance novel set in a zoo. I got the idea because I’ve always loved zoos, but I didn’t know anything about working in one. So I contacted the zoo in Salt Lake City and arranged to go there and work as a Zookeeper for a day. That was some of the most fun research I’ve ever done. So far!

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