Book Review – Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There

By Ruth Graham

Did you ever read a book that you knew God had placed in your hands at that particular moment in your life? Fear Not Tomorrow was such a book for me. It arrived in my mailbox during a time of crisis, when scary things were happening to me and to my family. But I found hope in these pages. Unexpectedly. Unmistakably. A message just for me.

As Ms. Graham says, God often exhorts people in the bible to “fear not.” Sometimes that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Fear Not Tomorrow reminds us that God does provide the antidote for our fear – His presence. By pinpointing people in the Bible – some well-known, others more obscure – who also faced fearful circumstances, Ms. Graham reminds us that God really is with us during the hard times. She encourages us to cultivate intimacy with the Lord the same way we do with those we love in our human relationships. But even when we fail in holding up our end of the relationship, sometimes He breaks in on our lives anyway. Why? Because He’s God, and He loves us.

In these uncertain, scary times, this book provided a terrific reminder. I really don’t have to fear what the future holds. God knows, and He’s already there.