Book Review - Guardian of the Flame

Guardian of the Flame

by T. L. Higley

Oooh, what a great book! I got to read an advance copy, and was given the privilege of endorsing it. (One of the awesome benefits of being a writer!)

This book provides an inside look at Cleopatra as she's building her fateful relationship with Ceasar. It's full of political intrigue and fascinating details that bring ancient Egypt to life. Cleopatra is a viewpoint character, so readers get a satisfying look at her thought processes, her passions, her ambitions, and the strained relationship between Rome and Egypt. The other major character is fictitious, but no less fascinating. Sophia, a highly educated woman haunted by past loss, lives in the famed Lighthouse of Alexandria. From her tower we see Alexandria in all its ancient glory. This is one of those books that keeps you up long after midnight!

Here's the endorsement I wrote:

A thrilling blend of fiction and fact, Guardian of the Flame kept me spellbound from beginning to end. T. L. Higley delivers an intriguing picture of Cleopatra through the eyes of Sophia, a woman haunted by past loss who lives in the famed Lighthouse of Alexandria. I was transported to ancient Egypt in these pages, and couldn’t tear myself away until the final act was played out. Don’t miss this one!

The author has a great giveaway going on over at, giving away a beautiful lighthouse picture. Hop over there and enter!