Not All Cowboys Wear Boots and Hats

We're currently in the last few weeks before the official release of the third and final installment in the Amish of Apple Grove series, A Cowboy at Heart. To help celebrate, our publisher is giving away a Kindle Fire, along with copies of the books by me and Lori Copeland. Click here for details on entering.

Not all Cowboys at Heart wear boots and hats. Donna H. sees the cowboy in her husband.

“My hubby is a diehard rock-and roll-fan to most of the world, but to me he will always be a cowboy at heart. He's honest, hard-working, committed, soft-hearted (even though he tries to act like he's not). Though he's not outwardly romantic, it's the little things he does to show me he loves me that make me see the romance in him - like going to the store today to buy tissues with lotion in them (in spite of the fact that we have regular tissues in the pantry), because I've got a sinus infection with bronchitis and the regular tissues are hurting my nose. He's a big-bad oil refinery worker who rides a motorcycle (his personal horse?), yet will snuggle with our 4 lb. rescued MinPin for hours on a night when there is thunder and lightning - of which she is TERRIFIED! Yes, he's definitely a cowboy at heart!”