A Wife Who Loves her Cowboy!

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Kudos to the wife who loves her Cowboy! Thank you, Peggy C., for sharing.

“Wow, when I sit down and think of a cowboy, I think of a man that rises at 5 a.m. and grabs a cup of coffee. Then he peeks his head in the bedroom to see if I am awake to join him. Then he just smiles as he knows that I am a true Californian at heart and don't rise before 8 a.m. on a good day.

He also is very nice to his horses and makes sure that any that need special attention, such as the pregnant ones, those that are limping or those not up to par. He keep them in the barn in separate stalls so that his foreman can keep a special eye on them. Plus by having them in the barn, a stallhand can spend the night with each horse just in case there is any problems during the night. That way he can come wake up the cowboy. After a hard day out on the ranch of riding the horses, fixing fences, getting a load of hay and negotiating another load of cattle from the sale barn, he can come in at night, eat and then read the latest magazine that came in the mail with the newest of supplies for his animals. He is down right tired, so he often dozes in his chair and is snoring at 9 p.m. as he has done so much and his belly is full.

When you look at him asleep in the chair you realize what a good-looking cowboy you married as he has cute dimples and still looks like he is 20 when he is actually 67 and still going. He never thinks of quitting or retiring, as he has no one to take over the farm. Cowboys like him only do the same thing over and over and occasionally go out for dinner and never think of going to the mall, buying new clothes, or even the movies as cowboys like him aren't interested. If he needs anything he knows that he married you and that you always take care of that for him as when he does wake in the morning you have laid out all of his clothes--even his boxers. (When he was young he didn't wear anything for underwear--that way there was less to wash--but now that he is married, his wife wouldn't have it any other way!)”