Kindle Book Giveaways

I just conducted my very first giveaway for the Kindle version of one of my books, A Deadly Game. Congratulations to Lynn, the winner! I also gave away a hard copy of the book, and that goes to Teresa. Congrats to Teresa!

This has been an interesting exercise. I expected more people to enter for the print version, because that's more traditional. But the majority of people expressed an interest in receiving a copy of the Kindle version! 58% of entrants, in fact. Not a huge margin, but fairly significant. Does that mean more people prefer to read eBooks these days than print books? Or does it mean this particular giveaway was noticed more by eBook readers because it was an Internet-based giveaway? I don't know, but I just posted another giveaway of a Kindle book. We'll see if the same thing happens.

If you'd like to read my second Mayla Strong book, Sincerely, Mayla, head on over to the Reader Fun page of my website and enter for either the Kindle version or the Print version.