Book Signing Pix!

I thought you might enjoy some pictures of a couple of recebt book signing events in central Kentucky. My friend, author Ann H. Gabhart, launched her newest book, Angel Sister, a beautiful story set in 1936 in a small Kentucky town. I launched my latest, A Deadly Game, a romantic suspense that sends the characters romping all over central Kentucky to follow a set of clues laid by a killer. It was fun to have two new Kentucky-based tooks to talk about. Ann and I have completely different writing styles and approaches, which makes for an evening full of variety at our events! Plus, we're just plain fun gals. :-)

On February 11, we spoke to a packed house at Corinth Christian Bookstore in Frankfort, Kentucky. This store is special to both of us, and the folks who hosted us were great. They even put out a big bowl of fruit salad!

Then on February 22, we trekked to Lexington, Kentucky, to speak at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Anyone who has been to Lexington knows about this amazing bookstore. Two floors packed with every kind of book you can imagine, plus a huge selection of handcrafted and interesting gift items (like Vera Bradley handbags!), and a bunch of Kentucky-related books and gifts. Somehow the staff manages to maintain the charming, personal feel of a corner bookstore. The event manager, Brooke, did a terrific job of setting up the event, and again we had a full house.

As the seats were filling before the event began, we were tickled to see a couple of familiar faces file in. Suspense author Brandilyn Collins arrived with her mother, Ruth, who is a dear friend. How exciting to have an author whose work I've enjoyed so much attend one of our book events!

Of course, if you hand me a microphone, it's like flipping a switch on the Energizer Bunny. I like to talk, and I gesture widely when I do. I also make really weird faces. Want proof? Take a look at this one. (Sheesh!)

Both events were really fun, and we've enjoyed doing them together. Ann has more events planned, but it's time for me to buckle down and get busy on my next book.