A Good Day for a Ride

What a beautiful day in the mountains! The perfect day for a motorcycle ride with friends. Ted and I hopped on the ST1100 and took a trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon with some of our friends. (We had the only Honda in the group -- everyone else rode Harleys.) Up at the top we paused to take a couple of pictures. Here's the view from the top of Guardsman's Pass.

And here's a Biker Chick Pic! From the left are Patti, me, Sue, and Kristin.

Then we headed down the mountain. On the way down we were waaaaaaay up, and I saw a movement to my left. A hawk was soaring in the air just off to our left, way up in the air but even with us! When you're on a motorcycle you experience nature in a way you never can in a car -- I felt like I was soaring right alongside that hawk.

Next we headed up Little Cottonwood canyon. I love taking pictures from the back of the motorcycle. Take a look at the double waterfall we saw.

Then we ended our trip at Snowbird Ski Resort, which was hosting their annual Octoberfest. When we entered the main entertainment tent the group entertaining on the stage was singing Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen, a German drinking song that I learned in 7th grade choir. How cool to be able to sing along in German! The man in this picture is playing "Do, Re, Mi" on the cowbells. He taught us the "proper" words for the song, and they're not any that Julie Andrews ever sang.

DO, the stuff that buys me beer
RAY is the guy behind the bar
ME, the guy who drinks the beer
FAR, the distance to my beer
SO, I think I'll have a beer
LA, la la la la la beer
TEA, no thanks I'm drinking beer
Which will bring us back to - DO, the stuff that buys me beer...

We walked around the festival, enjoyed the entertainment (including an incredible yo-yo guy), took in some gorgeous mountain sights, and in general had an awesome day. God is good!