Book Review - Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts
(an eBook)

by K. Dawn Byrd

During World War II, Daphne wants desperately to do something that will help the war effort and bring the boys home safely. She follows in her older friend Anya’s footsteps and becomes a spy for a covert group called Twelve-Seven. Her code name is the Queen of Hearts, an ill-fitting title for a woman whose only experience with love ended unhappily.

Unfortunately, a strong desire to help isn’t the same thing as experience. Daphne tries to carry out her covert duties, but a few blundering mistakes make her question whether or not she is cut out for spy work. Especially when she’s introduced to Vito, a breathtakingly handsome man with secrets he won’t reveal. And then there’s Kenneth, the only man she’s ever loved, tells her he hasn’t given up on their love.

Queen of Hearts contains all the elements of a gripping romantic suspense novel. Daphne’s desire to help the war effort endears her to us. Anya is a prayer warrior and mentor. Vito and Kenneth are both heartthrob heroes, and the reader is never sure which one Daphne is going to end up with. The WWII setting is exciting, and then the reader is swept into an entirely different setting when Daphne is taken to hide out in a deserted mental institution. From that point on the book’s tone feels almost like a classic gothic romance. I was reminded many times of one my favorites, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. If you enjoy inspirational romance with suspenseful settings, you'll want to check out Queen of Hearts.

Want to know more? Read an excerpt here.

This is one of the first eBooks I’ve read on my new Kindle, and I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks so much to the author, K. Dawn Byrd, for providing a review copy.