Weight Watch 3 - I Want FOOD!

Okay, I promise this will be the last diet-related post I make until I hit major milestones of skinniness, when I will crow like a rooster. (A thin rooster.)

The worst part about dieting is being hungry. You know what I’ve discovered about myself? I’m not very good at self-deprivation. When I get hungry I want food, and lots of it. The good thing about the Red Light/Green Light diet is that, in theory, you aren’t supposed to get hungry. The foods you eat are supposed to take a long time to digest, and you allow yourself healthy snacks between meals so you never get really hungry. My problem is, I get so involved in writing my books that forget to eat until I’m starving. Then it hits me all at once and I run for the kitchen and eat my way through the contents of the refrigerator. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up in the past few months.

I Will Eat Whatever Is Available – When my mama was a little girl, my grandmother gave her a piece of sage advice. “Honey, if you only go out with rich boys, you’ll fall in love with a rich boy.” The same logic can be applied to dieting. If the only thing in the fridge is a healthy snack, I’ll eat a healthy snack. (That means carrot cake has been banned from my house.)

Fresh Fruit Is Better Than Cookies – Really! It took me a few days to adjust my taste buds, but a sliced apple or pear or a handful of strawberries satisfies my afternoon sweet tooth. (Yes, I know they would be better dipped in chocolate, but I don’t have dippable chocolate in the house – see the previous point.)

Carrot Chips Are As Good As Potato Chips – Okay, maybe not quite as good, but they satisfy the same craving for me. For some reason, carrot chips (I’m talking about the flat, wavy slices you can buy in a bag in the produce section) feel more like a snack food than baby carrots. They’re great for dipping, so I use them as a substitute for chips and snack crackers.

Hummus Is Good – I’ve never been a hummus fan until this diet, but I’ve discovered that it’s really good as a dip with carrot chips. I prefer the Roasted Red Pepper, because it’s got a stronger flavor so a little goes a long way.

Pico de Gallo Is Healthy And Versatile РI love this stuff! I buy fresh Pico de Gallo at the grocery store, and use it in egg white omelets, mixed with fat free cottage cheese, on salads, in saut̩ed vegetables, and as a dip with carrot chips.

Well, I’ve dragged this diet thing out over three different blog posts. Thank you for being patient with me. And don’t forget to click over to Kathleen Wright’s blog every now and then, Confessions of a Startled Fat Woman.