Weight Watch 2 - The Diet

I have a confession to make. Just a day after my last blog post where I vowed never to eat carrot cake with cream cheese icing again, I did. It was calling to me. It’s my husband’s fault. He wasn’t here to hold me accountable. I did confess to him the minute he got home, as I’m confessing to you now. I hope I got it out of my system.

As promised, here’s a little information about the diet I’ve been following (more or less) since mid-February. My doctor told me about this diet after a very unhappy encounter with the scales in her office. I went down to the library and checked out the book. There are a couple of versions, but I got the one called The G.I. Diet Express For Busy People because I am a busy person. (Who isn’t?)

I won’t go into all the details, because this isn’t a commercial for the diet. But basically, you’re supposed to eat healthy foods that take longer to digest, and therefore make you feel full longer. So it’s more about what foods you eat, rather than how much you eat. There’s a list of Red Light foods – foods you should never eat. (I hate that French fries are on that list.) Then there’s the Yellow Light list - foods you can have after you reach your desired weight. (Very happy that dark chocolate is on that list.) And then there are Green Light foods, which you can pretty much eat freely. That’s a huge list including almost all fruits and veggies and lean meats. And one cool thing about the bigger book is they include a list organized into grocery store sections. And it has recipes, too.

If you want to know more, I suggest you check your library to see if they have a copy of the book. I ended up buying my own copy, but my sister immediately took possession of it. (She still borrows my clothes, too.)