Book Review - Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us from Evil

By Robin Caroll

Search-and-rescue helicopter pilot Brannon Callahan responds to a crisis when another chopper carrying a U.S. Marshal goes down in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park during a blizzard. Roark is carrying a human heart to be transplanted into a government witness whose testimony can break up a horrible child trafficking ring – if he lives long enough. Together they rush to get the heart to the hospital, unaware that a brothel housing dozens of desperate and brutalized young girls is nearer than they imagine.

In Deliver Us from Evil, Robin Caroll has created a fast-paced, riveting story that is both compelling and horrifying. Compelling because of the well-honed skill Caroll expertly uses to draw us into the lives and mission of Brannon and Roark. Horrifying when we realize that the business of kidnapping children and forcing them into sexual slavery is very real, and thrives even in our so-called ‘enlightened’ society. With the same skill Caroll uses to bring Brannon and Roark to life, she gives us a vivid glimpse into the life of Mai, one of the kidnapped girls who is desperate to escape the brutality that has become a way of life. This little girl’s plight will break your heart. I was highly impressed with Caroll’s skill in portraying the horrors she endured without once resorting to relaying the graphic details.

The suspense plot is undergirded with spiritual strength, and I loved the way the characters quote scripture to each other. It demonstrated seamlessly how scripture is an integral part of the lives of believers. Also entwined with the suspense is the romance that grows between Brannon and Roark, and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop. Thanks so much to the B&H Publishing Group for sending me this copy to review. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense. I pray this story touches hearts, and spurs many to action on behalf of the thousands of children who pray daily Deliver Us from Evil.

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