Third Time's a Charm is going on tour!

Breaking news! My tenth novel, Third Time's a Charm, is gearing up for a big tour -- a blog tour, that is. On February 1-5, the third book in the Sister-to-Sister Series will be featured on a long list of excellent websites all across the Internet. This tour is hosted by Kathy Carlton Willis Communications. I'm excited that my 'baby' and I will get to do some traveling! (Okay, it's virtual traveling, but that just means I don't have to mess with crowded airports, missed connections, lost luggage. It's the best kind of travel!)

You can share in my excitement! Here's how:

If you are a blogger: Interested in participating in this blog tour? Contact KCWC (information here) and let them know you'd like to join the fun. You'll receive a free copy of Third Time's a Charm, along with the book info for your blog post. Not just the generic stuff, either. KCWC includes personal Q&A from the author -- me! -- and the opportunity for your readers to win a Grand Prize. Sign up by January 17 to make sure you receive your free book before your tour date.

If you are a reader: During the week of the blog tour, visit as many of the blogs as you can and leave a comment. At the end of the tour, each blogger selects one comment to submit to the Grand Prize drawing. If KCWC selects your comment, you will win a complete Virginia Smith library! That's right - an autographed copy of each of my 10 published books (so far), along with a personalized note giving you a little behind-the-scenes information about each one.

You can see why I'm excited! For more information, check out KCWC's announcement here.