Book Review - Abigail

by Jill Eileen Smith

Abigail - the wise wife of a foolish man who became the wife of one of Israel’s most beloved kings. In the second book in the Wives of King David Series, Abigail jumps off the pages and into your heart. Meet the hopeful young girl, looking forward to married life with the man her father has chosen for her. Follow her as her hope is seared into ash by disillusionment and fear as she learns what kind of man she has married. Feel her longings when she glimpses the handsome King David, and begins to feel the faintest flicker of resurging hope, that one day she might find happiness in his arms.

I had the privilege of reading a galley of this book back in September, and I enjoyed it so much! Here's the endorsement I turned in to the publisher:

I’ve looked forward to Abigail since I turned the last page of Michal, and Jill Eileen Smith didn’t disappoint me. Abigail’s story is believable and convincing, and it unfolded vividly before my eyes. I felt her pain, rejoiced for her triumphs, and wept with her when tragedy struck. An excellent episode in The Wives of King David series. Now I’m counting the days until Bathsheba.

If you enjoy well-researched, creative Biblical fiction, this book is for you! And don't forget to also read Michal, the author's first novel in the Wives of King David Series.