Things I Love About Christmas - Jesus

If you've been following my Journal posts this month, you know I've been detailing all the things I love about Christmas. Today is Christmas Day, so this post is devoted to the real reason we celebrate Christmas -- Jesus.

I think Christmas was planned long, long before the angel appeared to Mary and told her she would give birth to a special child. I think it was planned even before Mary was born. Before King David wrote the beautiful songs in honor of God that we call the Psalms. Before Moses led his people out of slavery in Egypt. Before Abraham made his covenant with God.

Jesus' birth and death became necessary the moment Adam and Eve chose their own will over God's, because at that moment, mankind separated from their Creator. From that moment, He wanted to reconcile with us. Every move God made -- His covenant with Abraham, the law He gave through Moses, the building of the temple, all of it -- was a stepping stone toward achieving His goal. And finally, after centuries of a carefully executed plan, the moment came. A baby was born. Emmanuel. God with us. No wonder the angels sang! The first Christmas gift was given, a precious gift for all who will receive it. Life. Peace. Restoration with God. Hallelujah!

I pray this Christmas will be full of peace and reconciliation. Remember - the most important part of Christmas is the first 6 letters.