Book Review - Arena


by Karen Hancock

When Callie allows her friend to convince her to participate in a psychological study to earn $50, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. She shows up for the test, and her suspicions are aroused by all the high-tech machinery used to evaluate her before the test even begins. And what about those too-gorgeous men running the place? She tries to back out, but instead finds herself transported into another world – the Arena. The ‘test’ is to find the gate back home by following the instructions in the manual supplied the people who sent her there. But nothing is as easy as it at first seems, and the Arena is full of unpleasant surprises – surprises that might just get her killed.

This novel was Karen Hancock’s debut, and it’s a tremendous story. As a fantasy/adventure lover, I found myself swept into the Arena along with Callie, trying to follow the white path that would lead me home but making all the wrong decisions, just as she did. As a Christian, I absolutely loved the symbolism. This book is not only an entertaining adventure, it’s an allegory for the Christian walk. Highly entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.