Book Review - One Simple Act

Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many beloved novels, but I’ve never read any nonfiction she’s written. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Ms. Macomber speak in person a couple of times, and I’ve found her to be engaging, encouraging, and most of all, genuine. I’m happy to report that reading her new nonfiction book, One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity, felt exactly like hearing her speak. I could hear her voice as I read, could sense the sincerity of the points she made, and they rang with the truth of her personal conviction. Ms. Macomber must be a truly generous person to be able to write about generosity with such sincerity.

One Simple Act is a book about living a life characterized by generosity. Ms. Macomber describes a pay-it-forward approach to acts of kindness – if we all commit ourselves to doing something every day for another person, imagine the difference we can make in the world! Of course, generosity isn’t just about doing good deeds. It is a lifestyle, and generous acts become habits that flow from a truly generous heart naturally, almost without thought. At the basis of true generosity are gratitude, and forgiveness, qualities that Ms. Macomber addresses an illustrates beautifully as only a skilled writer with a creative mind can. And what illustrations! The very first one, an act of kindness by a mother to a homeless young man, brought tears to sting my eyes and touched something deep inside me. Time and time again as I read this book, the illustrations resonated in my heart, and made me want to strive for a spirit of true generosity. Plus, Ms. Macomber includes practical tips that encouraged me to act.

I really appreciate the gift of this book by the publisher, Howard Books, and I encourage you to get a copy for yourself. It would make a great gift for someone on your Christmas list – especially since the last chapter discusses the spirit of Christmas!