I learned something the other day I think is interesting. In the Bible, the book of John describes Jesus' first recorded miracle -- turning water into wine. The apostle tells us that Jesus instructed the servants to fill six stone jars with water, and goes on to describe the jars. They were the kind used for ceremonial washing, and each one held between 20 and 30 gallons. It makes sense that there would be plenty of water for washing, since it was a big social gathering. So, let's do a bit of calculating. We'll be conservative in our estimates.

6 jugs x 20 gallons = 120 gallons of water

Now, I happen to know a winemaker who makes wine on a small scale. He tells me that one batch of wine is about 6 gallons, and from that, he gets around 30 bottles of wine. Back to the calculator.

120 gallons of water / 6 gallons = 20 batches

20 batches * 30 bottles = 600 bottles

Jesus gave that couple the equivalent of six hundred bottles of wine! Wow. Now, I think the number and size of the jugs were recorded in the Gospel of John for a reason. It's to illustrate a very simple point: when Jesus gives, He gives in abundance. No barely squeaking by with our Lord! He gives over and beyond our expectations. Don't you just love that about Him?

This week when we recall what we're thankful for, may we remember the abundant generosity of our Savior.