Book Review - In the Arms of Immortals

Set in Sicily, 1347, In the Arms of Immortals transports readers back to the days when the Black Death strikes a small harbor village. I’ve been a fan of Ginger Garrett’s since I read Chosen, the story of Queen Esther, and her books just get better and better. She makes historical times come so alive that when I raise my eyes from the page, I’m surprised to find myself in my cozy living room. But she doesn’t just paint an historical picture. She reveals the workings of the spiritual world, and how the beings who dwell there intersect with ours. This story is chilling, powerful, and beautifully detailed. Here’s the endorsement I was privileged to offer for this book:

In the Arms of Immortals paints a breathtaking portrait of life and death, of hope and despair, of unspeakable joy and indescribably sorrow. Ginger Garrett transports her readers from modern times to fourteenth-century Sicily in an intricately crafted illustration of God’s lifesaving power. This book has it all – detailed research, flesh-and-blood characters, and a captivating tale that kept me enthralled from beginning to end.

Treat yourself! Pick up a copy, and then drop me an email to let me know how you liked it.