Book Review - The Great Christmas Bowl

I enjoyed this book so much! And not just because the author is a friend; she also happens to be a terrific, award-winning writer, and The Great Christmas Bowl is as good as I expected it to be.

Marianne’s children are growing up, and she knows her family’s life is changing. But she wants the changes to hold off for just one more Christmas, so she can enjoy a holiday rich with all the family traditions she’s established through the years. And is it too much to also ask that her youngest son’s football team win the state championship? Nothing goes according to Marianne’s plans, either on the field or off. Just as often happens in real life, God’s plans are different from Marianne’s. Or are they?

Susan May Warren scores a touchdown with The Great Christmas Bowl. If you love football, or Christmas, or family stories, or good writing, or just plain having fun, you’re going to love this book. (Have I covered everyone?) Let this be the first Christmas book you read this year, and it will usher you into the holiday season with a laugh, and leave a glow warm enough to last all year.

The author has set up a website just for The Great Christmas Bowl, so be sure to check it out here. There’s also a recipe contest, where you might achieve fame and fortune by having your recipe featured on the author’s website! And here’s another bonus - click over to the Reader Fun page of my website for a chance to receive a free autographed copy on September 30th.