Book Review - Dragon Spear

In the third installment of Jessica Day George’s dragon series, Creel and her prince charming, Luka, visit the dragons’ Far Island home just in time to witness the abduction of Queen Velika. They set off to help Shardas and a handful of dragons rescue the queen from a band of strange dragons with evil intentions. To make matters worse, when they find her, she is about to lay a clutch of eggs, and can’t be moved.

Dragon Spear is an exciting adventure with a plot that kept me guessing and delighted with every new development. I loved visiting the dragons’ new home along with Creel, and was so immersed in the story I could smell the smoke and feel the heat of Velika’s volcanic prison. A satisfying ending that brought tears to my eyes topped off a thoroughly delightful read. A must-read for fantasy adventure lovers of all ages!
Note: You'll also want to read the first two in this series, Dragon Slippers and Dragon Flight. All three are absolutely delightful.