Humphrey Bogart Rides Again!

Okay, not really Bogie, but if you enjoyed movies like The Matarese Circle and Casablanca, you absolutely need to read Miss Match, by Sara Mills. Set in 1947, the story takes Allie Fortune (who made her first appearance in Mills' debut novel, Miss Fortune) from the streets of New York City all the way to Berlin. In 1947, that's not a safe place to be! Allie agrees to help her friend, FBI agent Jack O'Connor, when he's called to help an old friend who happens to be on Germany's Most Wanted list!

Here's a description:

It’s 1947, and Allie Fortune is the only female P.I. in New York City. Her best friend, FBI agent Jack O’Connor, comes to her with a personal problem—Maggie, his true love from long ago, has managed to get a note to him. She’s trapped in war-torn Berlin with a small girl, and their lives are in danger. Allie refuses to let Jack go on this dangerous mission alone. She arranges for them to be disguised as missionaries who are being sent to Germany to pick up eight war orphans. But things go from bad to worse the minute they land in Berlin. Full of adventure and suspense, and thick with intrigue, this book is impossible to put down. The sense of danger that permeates the work, especially in the bleak European setting, gives the book a film noir feeling. The amnesiac Allie is a nicely balanced blend of toughness and vulnerability.

You'll probably want to read both Miss Fortune and Miss Match. And then I know you'll be counting the days until the next book in this wonderful series is released!