A Great Weekend

It's been a terrific weekend! I flew back to Kentucky last week, and have enjoyed a whirlwind of activity since. The family is all doing well. The house is still standing. (Though a tree suffered major damage from the ice storm earlier this year and will have to come down. Bummer!)

On Saturday I rode with author Ann H. Gabhard (author of The Outsider, and other fantastic Kentucky-based books), down to Barbourville to participate in the Redbud Quilt Festival, which is held each year on the beautiful campus of Union College. There I sat on Author's Row between my two new friends, Viki Pidgeon, author of a wonderful cookbook called Ireland's Comfort Food, and Marge Fulton, author of a short story collection called All Roads Lead to Hazard. I also got to reconnect with several author friends from previous events, including Dan Tankersley, who, along with co-author Chris Skates, wrote a novel called The Rain, which is set in the time of Noah's Ark. I met Dan and Chris at the Kentucky Book Festival last November.

I also had the immense privilege of seeing several readers who have read and enjoyed my books. (Waving at Rachel here!) I absolutely love hearing how my books have touched someone's life. THANK YOU for reading my books!

On Sunday I was honored to deliver the morning message at Mortonsville United Methodist Church. My message was entitled, "What Kind of Fool Am I?" Then I stayed for a church potluck (YUMMY!!!!) and a screening of the movie, "Fireproof." Awesome movie. The acting wasn't Hollywood caliber (though Kirk Cameron gave the best performance of his career, IMO), but every scene was heart-felt and full of impact. The overall message was one every couple needs to hear. I loved it.

As I'm writing this, the sky has clouded over and I just heard the rumble of thunder in the distance. God's getting ready to water the grass. You know what they say: "April Showers bring May Flowers." I'm ready, Lord. Bring 'em on!