Gentle Nudges

Last month while I was working on my laptop, I had the strangest thought. “It’s been a long time since I did a full backup of my data. I’d better do that.” Backups aren’t something I do on a regular basis (though I know I should), so it had been several months and several books since my last one. But I responded to the nudge and backed up all my critical data.

Three days later while I was working, I heard a sizzle and pop and my laptop died. Gone. Unrecoverable.

My first thought was Thank you, Lord! I have a backup.

The other day I boarded an airplane with my carry-on bag, only to find that the overhead bins on the plane were full. I had to check my carry-on. In the seconds before I turned the bag over to the flight attendant, something made me remove the most important item inside – the edited manuscript for my June mystery/suspense book that was due on my editor’s desk October 1. Though I wasn’t at all worried about my bag, some nearly unheard voice whispered that I’d better keep that manuscript within reach. To lose it would mean weeks of lost work.

Guess what didn’t arrive at my destination? Yep. My carry-on. Again, my first thought was Thank you, Lord!

I truly believe that God speaks to us all the time. I don’t always listen, but in the past few weeks there have been several times when I recognized His voice and responded. Oh, the headaches the Lord has saved me through those gentle nudges! Some might say they were coincidences. I know better. My prayer lately is for ears to hear every word He speaks to me.

May you hear His voice clearly, my friend.

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