Who Is The Voice?

One of my favorite singing groups is Celtic Woman, and one of my favorite songs they perform is "The Voice." (Watch and listen here.) I've played with the idea of singing that song myself, and contacted a friend who has accompanied me countless times to see if he'd be willing to help.

Richard asked a question that got me thinking. "Who do you think the Voice refers to?"

Hmm. Well, I assumed it referred to Christ. But you know what you get when you ass-u-me anything. So I'd really like your opinion. Here are the lyrics. I'm italicizing the ones that, to me, clearly reference Christ. 

What do you think? Who is the Voice?

The Voice
by Brendan Graham

I hear your voice on the wind
And I hear you call out my name

"Listen my child," you say to me
"I am the voice of your history"
"Be not afraid, come follow me"
"Answer my call and I'll set you free"

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain
I am the voice of your hunger and pain
I am the voice that always is calling you
I am the voice, I will remain

I am the voice in the fields when the summer's gone
The dance of the leaves when the autumn winds blow
Ne'er do I sleep throughout all the cold winter long
I am the force that in springtime will grow

I am the voice of the past that will always be
Filled with my sorrows and blood in my fields
I am the voice of the future
Bring me your peace
Bring me your peace and my wounds, they will heal


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