Half Marathon Update

Okay, I've purchased a green sequined running skirt, a sparkly green sweat band, green compression sleeves for my calves, and some running shorts to go under the skirt. They're black, but they have a rainbow-colored strip that is--you guessed it--green. Green is for Tinkerbell. And Tinkerbell is for the half-marathon in:

1 months
3 weeks
5 days
14 hours
12 minutes

So I'm outfitted. But am I ready?

Well, today I ran/walked 11 miles. I managed to maintain a pace of 14 minutes / 49 seconds per mile, which is really good. When I finished my left foot burned like I'd held it next to hot coals. I sat around for half an hour with my foot on a block of ice, which helped tremendously. So my feet hurt. My hips ache. My back is stiff and sore. My hamstring is tight. But my attitude?


When I got home I told my husband, "If I can do 11 miles, I think I can do 13.1!"

But I'm telling you right now -- I won't do anything else for a few days afterward. At this moment I'm fighting the urge to curl up in bed and sleep for a few days. That is, if my aching body would let me. Which I doubt.

Continued prayers appreciated!