Cooking Up a Book

No, not a cookbook. My new series, Tales of the Goose Creek B&B, launches this fall with a short novella that will be released as an eBook to introduce the series. The story will be called Horatio and the Six-Toed Cat. Don't you just love that title? It makes me smile, and since the story makes me smile too, that's perfect.

Like every book in the Goose Creek series, Horatio contains a couple of extras. One is a recipe for cinnamon roasted pecans with a special ingredient. Well, I can't include a recipe unless I've tried it out and experimented with it and made sure it's the absolute best it can be. Right? Here's a picture of my results.

Yummy! Trust me, these wonderful pecans are sweet and savory and cinnamon-y and crunchy.

Excuse me? Did you have a question?

Oh, the recipe? Well you're going to have to wait until August and read it in the book!

(Yeah, that's mean. Sorry! Okay, maybe I'll relent and post the recipe here. But not until closer to the release date!)