Book Review - The Machine by Bill Myers

The Machine

A Truth Seekers novel
by Bill Myers

When Jennifer and Jake lose their mother in a terrible accident, they are sent to the middle east where their scientist father is on the brink of an exciting discovery - a machine that detects the 'memory' in ancient artifacts like fragments of stone walls or a piece of pottery, and then reconstructs the scene. Imagine seeing into ancient history and actually participating in the crowd who shouts, "Hosanna!" as Jesus Himself is riding his donkey through the crowd on the first Palm Sunday! The machine is so exciting that others want it -- and they will stop at nothing until they steal it. Meanwhile, other dangers hover nearby, spiritual forces who have evil ideas of their own about Jennifer.

In this middle grade novel (written for ages 8-14), mega-popular Christian author Bill Myers takes young readers on an adventure filled with biblical truth, scientific discovery, spiritual warfare, and exciting action.

Thanks to B&B Media for providing the review copy of this book.