Moon Dancing - Book Review

Moon Dancing
by Anna Zogg

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FROM THE BACK COVER: A rogue black stallion. A sacred white buffalo. Mysterious night voices.

Megan Gillespie returns to Wyoming to fulfill a promise. Nothing more. Yet when the unexplainable happens, she is drawn into the intrigues surrounding her uncle's ranch...intrigues that escalate the longer she stays. How can prized mares simply vanish? Who is the Native American that appears at night? Why is her uncle determined to keep her from leaving? Torn between the desire to escape and the need to resolve these long-held secrets, Megan uncovers truths that threaten her life...and stir her to the depths of her soul.

MY REVIEW: I really enjoyed Moon Dancing, and not just because the author is a friend. I don’t read a lot of western romance novels, and this book made me wonder why not. Of course, this book isn’t just a western romance. There is an intriguing mystery and a satisfying suspense element. The story created such vivid pictures in my mind’s eye of ranch life, from riding on the vast miles of unspoiled Wyoming plains to the day-to-day taming of a wild stallion. Of course, I have always enjoyed stories with a touch of fantasy, and Moon Dancing had that. Anna Zogg draws on her own Native American heritage to relay some of the fascinating myths and legends of the Sioux Indians. If you enjoy well-crafted, clean stories (IOW, no graphic sex or violence), I think you’ll like Moon Dancing.