Benji - 3/20

March 20 – Benji went to the veterinarian today. Oh, my! What an ordeal. Benji is terrified of EVERYTHING, and especially of the vet. When I put him on the scale, he stood there shivering, terrified to move. The vet tech said, “Most of our dogs hate the scale and we can’t get them to stand there long enough to weigh them.” Could she not see that my dog had turned into a frozen, terrified canine popsicle? He weighs 6.1 pounds. And actually, he did fairly well with Dr. Megan, who is a real dog doc. She said he’s healthy except for a yeast infection in the ears and a tendency in his rear leg joints to pop out. Plus he’s 1 or 2 pounds underweight. Apparently all of that’s fairly common among Yorkies. We’ll have to give him Glucosamine later to help with joints so he doesn’t suffer from arthritis. He got shots and microchipped, and has to have an ear wash daily and ear meds twice a day.

After we got home, Benji got his first bath. He STUNK! And he really hated the bath, but he suffered through it and smelled so much better afterward.