Cowboys Love to Dance!

We're currently in the last few weeks before the official release of the third and final installment in the Amish of Apple Grove series, A Cowboy at Heart. To help celebrate, our publisher is giving away a Kindle Fire, along with copies of the books by me and Lori Copeland. Click here for details on entering.

Marge H. reminds us that cowboys LOVE to dance!

"Going out to listen to some country music with friends from my singles group, I was asked to dance by a tall fellow wearing a black Stetson. We danced to George Strait's “Amarillo by Morning,” then we danced to Merle Haggard songs and some Johnny Cash. Pretty soon we were going dancing at all the country music places around. We danced at Western Days in the city park. We two-stepped at a street dance in Wells, Nevada, during a classic car get together. We danced in a parking lot at Pine, Idaho, and at a country western bar in San Dimas. Whenever we heard there was country music, we went. Since we are in our sixties, some people seem surprised that we can do all that dancing. One time we requested a fast dance at a reception, and the DJ played five in a row. Since it was our request, we danced all five. I thought I would die, but we had to dance. I also stay trim with all this dancing. By the way, my cowboy is a truck driver, but always wears jeans and cowboy boots and his favorite hat."