Cowboys aren't Pretty Boys

The time before the April 1 release of A Cowboy at Heart is dwindling! And your time to enter to win a Kindle Fire (along with copies of the books by me and Lori Copeland) is almost over! The drawing takes place on March 31. Have you entered? Click here for details on entering.

Gigi has a fine picture of a Cowboy at Heart!

“When I think of a cowboy at heart, I picture a strong, rugged man. Not a pretty boy, but a guy that you can actually see what he has experienced in life written in his face and in his eyes. I believe a true cowboy has a heart of gold. They were born knowing the difference between right and wrong, and no matter how hard 'right' might be, that is always the best choice. Also, when a cowboy gives you his word, he will do whatever it is he promises. A true cowboy is like a knight of old; he lives by a certain code of values and sticks to that code.”