Time to Train!

As many of you know, I broke my ankle at the end of June. Surgery was on July 10th (a plate and 8 screws), which means I've spent three months sitting around with my foot elevated. Let me tell you, that kind of inactivity does not do great things for your figure. I have gained (gulp!) almost 20 pounds. Unacceptable.

But that is all changing! I have signed up for my first-ever 5k, which will take place in Walt Disney World at the end of February. It's the Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5K. I'm hoping that event will give me the motivation I need to not only drop back to a healthy weight, but get in shape as well. Of course, I have not been in a gym (except for a couple of times) in three months, so I need to go slowly. Plus, I still walk with a limp, and though I am healing well, my ankle is still pretty swollen and the regenerating nerves still give me fits. Still, with almost five months before the race I can do it. Right?

I know myself. I need accountability. So I'm planning to post updates on my progress periodically with the idea that you, cyber-friends, will be out there cheering me on. If I think someone's celebrating my 'baby-step' successes with me, I'll be more motivated than ever! Here's my first official update.

Get Fit Day 1 (143 days to go!) - I returned to my gym this morning, where I rode the stationary bicycle for 10 minutes and clocked 2 miles. Then I walked 6 laps on the indoor track, which is just over half a mile. That took me ... wait for it ... 11 minutes. Yeah. That means I'm walking a 22 minute mile. How dismal is that? In the Disney 5k I will need to maintain a 15-minute mile or they will pick me up on the Shuttle of Shame and take me to the end. I can't let that happen!

After I finished walking on the track, I went to the equipment room and worked with the resistence equipment for 30 minutes. Then I finished my workout with 20 minutes of stretching.

And now I am sitting in my living room with my aching ankle in a bucket of ice water. Ouch!

Anyone out there have any advice?