Panema Canal - Towels and Napkins

On every cruise we've ever taken, we are treated to a variety of towel creatures by the cabin stewards. This cruise was no different. Our stewards were Made and Mantri, and they took exceptionally good care of us. Plus, they had great towel folding skills, too. Take a look (you can click on an image to make it bigger):

The ship did offer a towel folding class, but I wasn't able to make that one. I did attend a napkin folding class, though, and I had a great time. (Again - ignore the hair and lack of makeup. I was on vacation, and wasn't worried about the paparazzi!) I've put my napkin folding skills to use during the holidays.

Towel animals are a small thing, but they're one more way of making a cruise passenger feel pampered. When we took our first cruise, we thought our steward was creating these cool animals only for us. Now we know they all do that for every passenger, but I don't care. I still looked forward to opening my stateroom door in the evening and seeing what animal Mantri left to greet us. (This picture is proof that I did, occasionally, brush my hair and put on makeup!)